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Hello World!

I am a 44 year old breast cancer “warrior”….meaning that I am actively battling the disease, but not yet far  enough along to call myself a “survivor”.  While succumbing to another assault on my body by my friend, Chemotherapy, I decided to focus on the GOOD things about having cancer. So I have issued myself a challenge to try to find ONE HUNDRED perks of having cancer.  Wish me luck!








106 thoughts on “About Me……….Then

  1. Wow Flo. This blog is great. I especially enjoyed the humor. Believe it when people compliment you because not only do you look great you are truly an inspiration to all.

  2. Great attitude Florence….With that attitude and your awesome strenght you will soon be able to call yourself a SURVIVOR!!!!!!!

  3. I love your blog. It is so hard to be so far away from you when you are going through this and it really shows me that you are not just faking it on the phone. You really are doing this well and I am so proud of you. You are amazing and I love you.

  4. Hi Florence;
    Wonderful attitude and wishing you strength & courage in the days ahead. Last yr. when I visited my Cancer Dr. (Laing) I told her I bought a survivor sticker for our vehicle but I was scared to put it on, she said go ahead & put it on you ‘re going to be just fine. Now I consider myself a “SURVIVOR”.
    I had a Radical Mastectomy and 15 yrs. later it returned. This was a very stressful time as it was in my chest, small spot on my lung & two nodules in my Thyroid . This time I had the Radiation and I am on the drug “Ferema” thank God it is working. There is many people that weren’t as lucky.
    Prayers can move mountains & I’m sure you are in a lot of them.
    Take care think of you often!

  5. Hay cuz,
    You are so amazing. Your strength and positive attitude, in the face of this difficult battle, is a true inspiration. There aren’t many that can find humor in your situation. But like my dad always use to say, find one reason to smile every day and the day won’t be wasted;). I just want to let you know that we love you and you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We may not be there to help with the day to day, but our prayers will be with you constantly. Take care, xoxo.

  6. Hey Florence,
    Your blog is truly inspirational on many levels. I have to tell you that your positive outlook and faith in people and the power of prayer is especially inspiring. One can’t help but think how they would cope in a similar situation. Your ability to “see” the positive and especially “share” the positive is powerful!! Continue to inspire Florence, it’s what you have always been good at for as long as I can remember.
    Continue to Keep the Faith,

  7. Hey Flo!
    I have no doubt you’ll find the 100 perks (silver linings are everywhere when we train ourselves to look for them), but I’m betting that you’ll be into “Survivor” mode well before then. Good luck with everything – great job on your blog!!!

  8. Who knew you were so funny?! This had me laughing out loud! I even read a bunch of them out to my mom on the phone. I really believe your positive attitude will be your saving grace. You’re an inspiration 🙂 Take care!

  9. keep up the positive attitude florence …….i think about u every day take care ur favorite cuz that lived next door to u for 16 years i think lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So proud of you! Your BLOG and humour is inspirational. Unfortunately, too many people are going through the various types of therapy today. The big, bad “C” word is so common. Thanks for making us understand a little better what your life is like. Other warriors and survivors certainly “get it” and now friends and caregivers of cancer patients can “get it” too! Thanks and get well REAL soon!! Loves ya!!

  11. Im amazed at your attitude. Most people battling this would curl up and give up. This blog will no doubt inspire the most depressed people . Fight your best fight and know we are all fighting for you. you are truly an amazing woman. best of luck to you on your journey.

  12. Hey Bestie,

    Blog is awesome!!! Thinking about you lots and looking forward to our next culinary journey. You are truly an inspiration to warriors and non-warriors alike.

  13. I think people’s willpower is as strong as they think it is. So never give up, especially when you just found your soul mate. Live Strong!!!

  14. Florence, I am so proud of you my beautiful daughter, facing cancer like a true warrior. Facing this dreaded disease with you my dear has taught me to be strong. No matter what you always have a positive outlook. Strength, faith and prayer will get us all through. I am so grateful for all the prayers and inspiration from friends, acquaintances and people we don’t even know. God bless and thank you all.

  15. Hi Florence, Jackie sent me your Blog and I absolutely love it ….I have been thinking about you since Jackie had told me you had cancer ….I love your sense of humor as it apparently helps with your fight….. you are an Amazing woman and your strength, courage, faith and determination is an inspiration to others …..take care and I will check in again 🙂

  16. I was just reading your blog and it is great to see your positive attitude and I try to be the same. I started my first round of chemo yesterday (second time around) and am feeling good so far. You are very brave and with this positive attitude I know you will be fine. You are an inspiration to us all and you are in my prayers.

    • I will pray for you too, Eileen. I have a beautiful novena to St. Michael, patron saint of cancer. I pray for everyone with cancer, but mention people I know by name. I will add your name. Prayer can move mountains.

  17. Hi Florence ,your blog is just amazing,,,you are amazing….with everything going on in your life you can still joke about this .Keep your spirits up and you will get through this no sweat,God love and Bless you .You will be in my prayers

  18. Job well done Florence. Interesting, humorous and insightful. You are in my thoughts often. You might want to check out YACC, Young Adult Cancer Canada. I recently heard a “survivor” speak at a conference. It seems like something that you would contribute greatly to.

  19. Just wanted to say Hi Florence..I’m so glad you are keeping going with your wonderful attitude..keep it up,it will see you through the darkest days..God bless,we are with you in your journey to survival….

  20. Florence, I just messaged you on Facebook, but I have to post it here as well….you have such an amazing spirit! You’re an inspiration to many. Good luck and lots of love on your quest to 100 ♥ I feel proud to know you 🙂

  21. Florence, you are a wonderful, brave lady. I, too, have recently enjoyed many of the perks you have mentioned so far, but thankfully my cancer perks are over. My only reminder of those days is when I look at my thick curly hair. It used to be thin, baby fine and straight as a whip. I was diagnosed in June last year and given an all-clear in July this year. My family , friends and facebook family were so wonderful through it all. Prayers were being said from one end of the world to the other. It kept me positive through 8 months of chemo, and now is keeping me positive for the future.
    May your future be as bright and beautiful as you are. God Bless!

  22. You go girl! Flo, as always, you are a phenomenal woman. I laughed so much reading your perks. A wonderful inspiration. Keep that beautiful smile going. Sending positive thoughts, love, and prayer.

  23. Way to go, Florence. Hope you make it to 100. Out of what I read I was pretty much smiling and trying not to laugh as it would distract Drew from his homework. Hope you win your fight, never lose courage and you are a survivor. Just keep telling yourself that and it will happen.

  24. Hi Friend:

    Loved all your entries and especially this last one about Ben. It really touched my heart as our children are so in tune with our happiness and pain. I know how much Ben is in tune with you too – no coincidence, no accident, no matter if he heard you say that 100 times. He said it himself and at the perfect moment. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story, and “May the Guardian Angels watch over you and Protect you.”

    Lots of Love V

  25. Thinking of you fondly and letting you know what an inspiration you are to everyone. A daily reminder of the wonder and beauty of our world which is enriched because of your loving presence. See you soon beauty! Kathy

  26. Hi Florence: Sherry sent me your blog…absolutley delightful…..especially the positive side of going through the process………..it always helps, first it’s ‘what do you mean I have cancer’ then, well what do we have to do now, start treatments and you don’t look back…….

  27. Florence we have been hearing about you for a year and a half and feel like we know you through all the stories Stephanie has told us. Today we were so enthralled to hear your interview on CBC. Your positive attitude is truly inspirational. We all bitch about the trivial things and you take life’s real lemon and turn it into lemonade………..not just for yourself but for anyone who wants a sip! The lilly you sent out to Carbonear was just beautiful this summer and bloomed a vibrant yellow, I’ve also snipped and stolen from Stephanie’s herbs also growing all because of you. We pray for you but most of all we take inspiration from your courage, humour and ability to see that silver lining. We think you are wonderful. Judy & Paul Finn (Stephanie’s mom and dad)

  28. WOW,WOW,WOW, you never cease to amaze me Florence….. You will touch so may lives with your spirit, inspiration and determination to battle this disease. You really do know how to put the positive spin on life, wishing you all the best and hoping the positive energy you have created will make your journey and the joureys of others easier.By the way you look AMAZIng, love the new hair, another bonus!!!

  29. Florence, I enjoyed reading your blog. Continue to keep the positive and humurous thoughts and they will help you greatly on this journey your body is dealing with. Take care and all the best to you. Think of you often. Call sometime or come over for a coffee.

  30. Your fan from Moscow, Russia. Former skinny greener, now pudgy Russian. Love the blog Flo. Enjoy the photos and updates on FB as well. You can imagine my days trying to start a business in Russia and the kahoonas required to come to work knowing you are going to kicked between the pockets on a daily basis. I am truly embarassed at the moment thinking I had a vien of preserverance in me for when you are the benchmark, I am a little little man. Thanks for picking me up today and showing me what true grit looks like. Very proud to know you. Joe Manning.

  31. florence .i am praying for you and wishing you all the best in your battle .never got the chance to read it all yet but i am starting it but from what i read ,i admire your strength .may GOD reward you for the positive attitude your are passing on to others ..GOD BLESS .

  32. after making a comment to you i decided to finish reading your blog ,cannot think of of better way to spend my time on my day off .i am sure you are helping lots of people with your positive attitude ..GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS .i really enjoyed your blog .thank you .

  33. Hi Florence, you are truely an inspiration to everyone, I read your blog and it is great. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers always…. Take care and GOD BLESS.

  34. I am also battling breast cancer. My last chemo treatment is NEXT WEEK! woohoo! I read all your perks and love them – esp. #20. So true! And I can relate to just about everything you mentioned. You go, girl!

  35. wow this and you are very moving if more people thought like you we would live in a wonderful world God is watching over you .take care and keep smiling

  36. Awesome blog Florence. You certainly have the right attitude. Hang on to that positive attitude, it will get you through this. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  37. Hey Flo,
    I just read an e-mail from Lori Penny about your blog and immediately came to check it out and offer you my support. and prayers. What a wonderful attitude you have. Thank-you for sharing your journey with us. God’s blessings to you my friend.

  38. Hi Florence,
    Just read every perk and they all are very special indeed as so are you!!! The one about your son saying good night made me cry. You are a very courageous,woman who likes to be positively creative with her time indeed! I will definately be looking for your perks from now on,you have me hooked! Glad to have made you as a “flower friend”~ hee hee,i will keep you in my healing prayers Florence,bless you.

  39. Wow Florence, I am impressed with your blog. Where did you ever find the courage?? you are an amazing woman! Your strength, your faith, and your humor is quite evident from your writing You definitely are an inspiration to all. I shared your blog on Facebook because I think its worth sharing- you moved me to tears. Hang in there girl, with your strong determination, you will win!!!

  40. I found your site through Facebook and just wanted to offer you my support and prayers. You mentioned one of your inspirations is a young girl named Beck and I am Becks great-aunt. She has been through so much in her young life before and after being diagnosed but never gave up on who she is or what she believes in. She has a smile that can melt your heart and even on her worst days she always seems to find a reason to past that smile along. Maybe one day your path will cross with our sweet Beck and if you do you will be amazed by her.

    Again I will say a prayer for you and remember, like Beck says “Miracles happen” just keep believing. God Bless

  41. Hi Florence just found this blog and you are one amazing person. I first seen the blog when you told us about beck she is another amazing person, i cant stop reading so impressed with you. I always say i wish i could be strong like beck in dealing with everything she has encountered at such a young age now i can say the same for you. I am a single parent as well and that is not an easy job at all, but what i have read on here makes me think that life sends things your way and you have to make all things positive no matter what you do…..i enjoyed reading all and will be looking forward to seeing a whole lot more at least another 63 more and i hope there are many more….God bless…….

    • Thanks Kimm. Your kind words could not have come at a better time for me. I am lying in bed in full chemo attack mode….very sick…but telling myself “this too shall pass”…..my favorite mantra. I had my last chemo on Wednesday, so I know it will be a rough week or two ahead, but hopefully I’ll be back on my feet for Christmas. Take care, and may God Bless you too!

  42. I hope you feel better like now thinking about all the things i read on here and i cant describe in words how remarkable you are….and i dont even know you….i can see your strenght in your words i so want you to feel better take care xoxoxox

  43. Hi Florence!
    Wow!! I just finished reading your perks written thus far and feel so blessed and inspired by your words! You truly are an inspiration! I attended several of your meditation workshops through drama and was always in awe of your dedication to meditating and how much peace it left me with! I feel that same peace tonight! I saw you on NTV News the other night and just had to read your blog. Keep up the the super positive attitude and tay strong and God Bless!!

  44. Hello Florence,

    I cannot help but laugh when I read some of the things that you have put on here. Simply amazing stuff!!! I hope you realize how many smiles and laughter you are bringing everyone with the perks of having cancer…. if we all could appreciate the little things in life like you do, this would be a better world…. Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to everything you have to say…. you certainly have made a few of my days a little brighter…. Merry Christmas!!!

  45. Hi Florence, your friend Lori shared this site and I am so grateful she did … I look forward to reading each entry and I am definitly on your Team. Keep taking good care of yourself and I am praying for you !!! Carol Ann

  46. Hi Florence, Wow, quite an impressive blog.I saw the interview on NTV and came to look. I love all that you have written and it will help to inspire me as I too am a Cancer “Warrior”. I just finished my chemo in Nov, but have to go on a maintenance therapy every 3 months for 2 years.I have a Non Hodkins Lymphoma but not a good kind, no cure, just remission. It is called mantle cell lymphoma.
    As for looking good, I hear that all the time, but it made my day last week when I was having an xray done by the radiologist and he came out with my requestion in his hand and said “How old are you? I said “71” and he replied “oh I though I had the wrong patient”, so i guess i didn’t look to bad.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  47. Florence, I applaud you. You are truly an inspiration to all. When my Mom got cancer (Hodgkins), she was just as stunned as anyone who might have gotten the news. She at first focused on the fact that she had lost her son, brother and sister to this disease and she hated that “C” word. Then she shook her head and said to me “I want to get better.” …and she did because she had the right attitude on her journey. Proof positive that ‘a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down’. Thank you for sharing your journey. Take care. Have a great trip. Enjoy your time with your family. You will be renewed, I’m sure. God Bless.

  48. This is my 3rd time around for cancer.
    I applaud you! You are a marvelous beacon of hope to other
    cancer patients. My philosophy is on par with your writings.
    For 16 years as a survivor, I have been encouraging other
    cancer patients to hang on to and build on their positive attitude.
    It is your best help. One lady I met who was going through chemo
    had lost all her hair. She courageously wore a baseball cap and the
    words on the front of it were, “I had a bad hair day”.
    Attitude and humour go hand in hand. I’m having lots of fun everyday.
    Keep up the good work and I’m with you all the way.

  49. Dear Goddess
    Many say life is all about one’s Attitude which is true and whatever you want in life just give it away and it will come back to you ie Love, Humour. You took a deep breathe, gave yourself permission to feel and live in the present. What a gift to yourself. You are inspiring others, blessing others with your love, sharing your sense of humour, accepting your ” cross in life” and helping us all realize – This could happen to anyone of us! It’s not about the cancer, diabetes, alzheimers, stroke, or your life ending in a sudden car accident. Florence, you have made us stop and take a good look in the mirror – one second at a time, if you want to shop-then shop, if you want to laugh- then laugh like there is no tomorrow, if you want to travel- then plan it,if you want to get angry-then be okay with that too. Thank you for sharing your moments with us and remember you can lean on us. God Bless you and your life, and for celebrating it in such a real way with the world. As Mother Theresa said, ” Love till it hurts”

    • Thank you, Loretta. Your comment meant a lot to me, especially the part “this could happen to any one of us”. Even though we all KNOW that, I think I really believed I was “above” cancer because I am fit, I take care of my body etc. What a wake up call! It really CAN happen to any of us. That is the scarey part.

  50. WOW! I don’t know what to say… I well start by saying “Thank you!” You are truly an amazing woman. Im sure you hear that all the time but really, THANK YOU!!!!!! Our world came crashing down just after christmas when our mom, our best friend the woman that holds everything together called and told us she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought my world would end. like you, my mom is very positive and it truly amazes me how strong she really is. Its no different then someone just told her she has a flu. My sister called me today when i was on my way to work. Since we found out my sister has been non-stop online looking for information on Breast Cancer and today she came accross your blog and demanded that I read it as soon as i got time. so of course once i got to work, i looked you up, printed your entire blog… and well… here I am now. You made me cry, understand, and most of all made me laugh the most I have laughed in 2 weeks. I have a copy for mom to read while she is going to be in hospital. you should really consider writing a book…..I always heard people say ” God only gives things to people that they can handle” i finally know the true meaning to that now. Thank you again for doing what you are doing. I hope even while im home in newfoundland my mom and i well have a pleasure in meeting you! keep writing, keep positive and ill be back every day to see what else you can teach us!
    you are an angel! you really are!

    • Kelly, thank you for taking the time to write to me and share your story. Your words of encouragement filled me with gratitude and with tears. Feedback like this gives me motivation to KEEP ON BLOGGING! Good luck to your mom, and God Bless. That positive attitude of hers will help with her recovery for sure!

  51. God bless you abundantly for what you are doing Florence! Your mother wrote about your blog on the Terry Fox Foundation website – ‘Tell your story’ page. That’s how I found you. My sister Patti has stage IV colon cancer and, like you, she has a wonderful, sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor that makes everyone laugh and puts everyone at ease. There’s no elephant in the room. Our mother, whose breast cancer began in her 40s and kept matastisizing (sp), had a healthy attitude and a strong spirit – like you and my sister have. She was 73 when her strength finally faltered. Her doctor always told her – ‘Attitude is everything!’ You’ve got it! Stay strong and know that many, many people are praying for you right now.

  52. Wow Florence! You are a true inspiration to many going thru this disease and have shown that as bad as it is, We can make something good from it. My wife, Tina Norris volunteers at Look Good Feel Better and she says the strength she sees in these ladies is amazing at a time in their lives when they have every reason to feel bad. Bravo on your decision to make something good of your experience!!

  53. OK…I flippin LOVE your blog! What a great idea! So glad I found you! I will look forward to your posts and the inevitable head nods…(yep…that IS a perk)that they will get from me.
    One of my perks was…no speeding tickets when you’re bald. I was stopped twice, but neither cop had the heart to give me a ticket. (was it wrong to fake dry heave as he approached the car to ask me for my license?)
    Mucho mucho kudos!

  54. I do not have cancer but I am surrounded by friends who are fighting the battle or have done so in the past. This is a wonderful blog that offers hope and inspiration to those who need it most. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  55. Hi. I found your website by “accident” a few weeks ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011. I was blessed it was found early and it was small. I started radiation treatments in January 2012, but after 3 treatments, I had an infection in the breast, so we had to put the treatments on hold, do another surgery to clean the breast, wear a wound vac for 3 weeks. We sitched up the wound a week ago and I will get the stitches out tomorrow. I am hoping to re-start radiation the week of March 5th. Your website has made me laugh and cry (in a good way). As one of the ladies said, attitude is everything. I have heard that from the beginning. Please keep the “perks” coming.

  56. Love your courage and faith! I too am battling breast cancer at the age of 40… With 2 chemo treatments left and then I move on to radiation…it is quite the journey. Blogs like yours offer wisdom and hope! Keep the faith!

    • Love, hope, faith….these are all healing vibrations. Do whatever it takes to keep you in that mind set. It is not just hocus-pocus…science has proven that our bodies respond to positive emotions!

  57. I am 35 and just diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. My lumpectomy is checked off my list of “to do’s”…I am now waiting the rads followed with tamoxifen. Thank you for sharing…I am determined to find joy in this journey…your blog is wonderful, it made me smile! Thank you for sharing your joy!

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  60. Hi Florence – I love your sense of humor! And yes, you do look a little like Demi Moore (although apparently you’re a lot saner than she is these days). Keep up the positive attitude, love your spirit. Best, Claudia

  61. Just read your story in Woman’s World under My Guardian Angel. I wish to comment about the blue butterfly. I also have been noticing blue butterflies on everything for a number of years. It started with a wonderful Catholic conference and a family of very talented singers from Venezuela. It turns out that their mother, Maria Esperanza, often would see a blue butterfly where they live in Betania. She was a visionary and one day the blue butterfly materialized into Christ’s Blessed Mother Mary. There is a story about it online with photographs of the place they built to honor Mary. Once I find the link, I will post it here.

    I love your blog, it is so well written with insight and humor as well.

    On March 30, 2012, my mother went home to God in her 98th year. She was born in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

    It is now six years since my daughter had her cancer surgery and nine months of chemotherapy. It was a rare cancer, consisting of a cyst and a tumor on her ovary, which was not detected by blood tests, CAT and PETScans, before the surgery. Thre was no oncologist present and it took ten days for the doctors to figure out what it was. Will tell you more later, as my daughter wrote her thesis and obtained her Master’s degree while going through the lengthy chemotherapy. Will also tell you later what she followed up with, as a prevention for the recurrence.

    May you have a very Blessed and Happy Easter.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that story with me! My mouth actually dropped open when I read about the Butterfly materializing into Mary. I never associated my butterflies with Mother Mary, but I have always felt a special connection to her, so maybe the butterflies are symbolic of her presence. I will check out that story.

  62. I have to say I wish we had gotten a few pictures together my dear. But I’m sure we did get somw nice ones that I’m so excited to see. The days went fast but I’m so glad I met u. You have a wonderful life and spirit about you and I think we could become great friends. And I’m sure if I told u a few more drama stories you’d crack up! Perhaps for another chat anotther day.
    I’d love a cope of those pics too if I could. I only have a few with one wig. The others need their moment of glory as well. Lol! Well I hope like finds you well and look forward to following your journey. Xo

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  64. Florence-
    My name is Michael Foti and I am the Director of Business Development and Syndication for Empowered Doctor. Our company, Empowered Doctor, focuses on the latest healthcare news. Currently, we are news affiliates of The Chicago Tribune, Arizona Central, and CBSNewYork, supplying their website’s health sections with the latest advances against cancer. Over the course of our extensive research on the topic of breast cancer, we came across your blog and I found it to have a plethora of great information and I believe it would be very appealing to our readers. We’ve recently launched a program to identify and publcizie someof the top breast cancer-related blogs on the web. As such, I’d like to congratulate you as your blog has been selected as one of Empowered Doctor’s Top Breast Cancer Blogs. I’m not able to post the code for the badge within this response, so please email me at michaeljfoti@gmail.com so I can provide you with it.. Again, I’d like to congratulate you on your selection, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Additionally, be sure to visit both CBSNewYork.com/health (on the right hand side under advances against cancer) and ChicagoTribune.com/health (and then click the cancer central tab) to see the continuous work we do for the fight againstcancer.

    One of the perks of being selected an Empowered Doctor Top Blog is being featured on a dedicated page on our website, as well as being profiled in upcoming articles. We would greatly appreciate you displaying your award badge, as many of our other nominees have. A few examples are: http://breastcancerbydrruddy.com/ , http://journeyingbeyondbreastcancer.com/ , and http://bethlgainer.blogspot.com/ .

    Again, congratulations on your selection and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Michael Foti

  65. This blog was a gift to the world! Thank you so much for thinking of making it and giving the gift of your experience to others! Honestly, Florence, I am in awe of such generosity. You have so much knowledge and understanding to give…. Truly you are an angel

  66. Hi Florence,

    I am happy to inform you that your blog has made Healthline’s list of the Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2015! Healthline’s editors carefully selected each winner based on quality, frequency of updates and contribution to the community. You can see the full list here: http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/best-breast-cancer-blogs

    We created a badge to help you publicize your achievement: http://www.healthline.com/health/breast-cancer/best-blogs-badge-2015 We encourage you to embed this badge on your site and share your status with your followers.

    Thank you again for providing a great resource to the Breast Cancer community! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.



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    Healthline • The Power of Intelligent Health
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    About Us: corp.healthline.com

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