Perk # 61: Treats In The Mail

Before cancer, my  visits to the post office normally yielded only unwanted flyers, and even more unwanted bills.  Since being diagnosed however, I empty my mailbox each day like a child would empty a stocking on Christmas morning.  Many days embedded among the flyers and (sigh…) bills, I find a gold nugget:  a card, a note,  or a gift sent to cheer me through my recovery.    A few days ago, I was very fortunate to find not one, but two of these nuggets in the mail, both very personal and thoughtful gifts.   Then later in the day, some of my former colleagues showed up at the door with a big bouquet of flowers, to share a cup of tea and a few laughs.   Ahhhhhh, life is good!

Tip:  If you are fortunate enough to have people in your life who send a card, a gift, a wish for your recovery, a prayer, or to visit with you, REJOICE!

6 thoughts on “Perk # 61: Treats In The Mail

  1. I have a sweet friend who sent me a card every week during my surgery-infection-treatment period. It made such a difference to have a little surprise in the mail, and now I’m returning the favor for another friend who’s battling pancreatic cancer. So glad your friends are showing you the love!

  2. Florence, I love reading your blog. You have a true appreciation for love and life and are truly and inspiration for those with and without cancer. Keep on blogging and kicking Cancer in the butt!!

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